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Why Hire A Buyer Agent? - 7 Reasons...

1.     IT'S FREE

  • In Ottawa, when you hire a  Buyer Agent, you do not pay for their services, their commission is paid from the listing agent’s fee.

Want FREE access to the newest and hottest Listings, off-market properties, exclusive listings and Bank Power of Sales?


  • We will assist you as you shop around for the best possible mortgage that fits your finances and when you buy, you can take advantage of exclusive rates and promotions offered by our preferred lenders.


  • Wouldn’t it be great to know about a home that is going up for sale before it’s listed? A Buyer Agent has access to information on properties before they are listed.


  • Past sales information is extremely valuable when deciding an offer price. Buyer Agents have access to past information and comparable sales – information that is NOT available to the public. This is one of the many ways we can save you money on the purchase of your new home!

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  • Many third party professionals are involved in real estate transactions (lenders, inspectors, stagers, lawyers, etc.). We have a lot of experience working closely with these people and we can refer you to the very best! As part of our VIP services we will also co-ordinate all of these professionals for you.


  • We will negotiate with the seller on YOUR behalf. The seller has a professionally trained negotiator working for them – wouldn’t you want someone looking out for your best interests? Money is not the only factor in negotiating tactics; there are many other aspects that can be considered. We always have your best interest at heart.


  • Brenden is all about excellent customer service and premium marketing. We have a reputation for results!

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